Yusuke Sakai: “Skin’

Japanese photographer Yusuke Sakai, born in Osaka in 1984, has decided to take a close-up, the skin of different animals across the planet. Gathered under the heading “Skins” snapshots lead to rather surprising visual and aesthetic experiences. Between feathers, leather and fur, each epidermis leads to a balanced composition, punctuated by the play of colors, patterns and textures. In spring a symbolic hymn to diversity, the choice of frames, each evoke an object, sensation or even a familiar space. A conceptual sampling so that art and biology intersect.

1. Guinea fowl

2.White bear

3.Bactrian camel 

4.African Elephant

5. Reticulatad Giraffe

6.  Asiatic black bear

7. Zebra

8. American flamingoGoat

9. Japanese Deer

10. Hippopotamus